About Us

About Us

Hello from Grace

I am Grace and I am the founder of both DramEd EventsDramEd - an educational entertainment company. Both companies were born from my love of creating magic with children through platforms which build on imagination, creativity and confidence.

My own experience in Children's Events started in 2005 when I used my skills in Performing Arts to work as a children's entertainer, alongside building a career as an actress. After becoming disheartened with working in tv and in theatre, I began to successfully apply my creative skills in schools and nurseries but would often be asked to additionally support with parties and events. So, alongside DramEd in schools & nurseries, I began to collaborate with Event Planners to make events involving children more interactive and experiential. It's always been clear to me that it's working with children that gives me a sense of purpose, but clientele for education and clientele for the events tend to be very different, which is how DramEd Events was born.

My qualifications come in the form of a diploma and a BA Honours Degree in Performing Arts. I have experience in delivering workshops for shopping centres and companies such as Intu, Westfields and Google.

Talent, Rapport, Quality and Presentation are high on our agenda, from our facilitators to our set up, you can rest assured we’ve got it covered from DBS checks, PLI and a good eye for detail.

photo of DramEd Events staff

Our Team

Our team consists of a fast-growing network of performers who entertain and engage young people and their families. With the help of performers who are experienced in working with children, our staff have delivered over 1500+ workshops in the entertainment and events sector. We are DBS Vetted professionals often going from the stage to your venue.

What do we do?

  • We spark curiosity
  • We include elements of storytelling and Performing Arts in every workshop because it allows children to form new connections with one another, be creative, develop confidence and vital physical, communication and language skills.
  • Our entertainers and facilitators are talented Performers who literally go from the stage to your venue.
  • We make workshops fun through our abilities as singers, dancers and actors.
  • Our Suppliers

    We have a growing list of contacts who we call on to supply your events. We are very proud of our network!